Fight or Flight

Driving home yesterday I heard a song that would always before create emotional triggers for me. The song "The Rooster" by Alice in Chains, written about one of the band memebrs uncles talks about his experience in Vietnam and PTSD.
The muisic is downright eerie and so empowering. It wasa song we loved to listen to while I was in Somalia during Operation Restore Hope (and all those other Hopes after that). The dedications over armed Forces Radio were funny, absurd and incredible. The song for many years took me back to Mogadishu and Somalia. This time it affected me differently.
Since begining my journey of self (and unself)discovery I have learned to re anchor my thoughts to visual, or audio images that before would affect my whole physical and emotional state."the Rooster " for many years would always take me back. There is no "back" there is only now. Sounds odd but there is no past or future, just this exact moment. The past memories can anniahalite me or I can erase them for the most part from my memory. So is ther ereally a fight or Flight situation ever. Yes and no
Be grateful to live in this moment and abundance, peace, and miracles beyond belief will flow to you effortlessly.
Sit for a moment, be still and listen to, feel and appreciate everything that is in your life at this moment.
Of course you can learn more from my books especially PTSD: Pathways through the Secret Door (Order from Amazon). Happiness, joy, laughter and prosperity to each and every one of you
There Does Not have to be fight or flight, There can be just the "now"

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