Assassins to Your Happiness

Let's say you were put in charge of protecting the Emperor of Rome.

Let's also assume you like the Roman Emperor. He's a good guy. He hasn't fed any Christians to tigers or castrated his servant for spilling the wine.

The point is that you're in charge of guarding his palace. How serious would you be about this duty?

I think you'd be would be hyper-vigilant about who is allowed to enter. You'd also be very careful to make sure that the right people are leaving the building.

While on duty, you wouldn't be chatting with friends. You wouldn't be staring at the stars. You wouldn't be thinking about what you're going to have for dinner.

You'd be wide awake. Nothing gets in or out without you knowing. You need to protect the Emperor.

Well, why not be the same way with your subconscious mind?

That's one of the 17 tips included in Tip Sheet that went along with the the Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind Handbook I sent you the other day.

Sometimes people just download the main ebook and forget about the Tip Sheet. But the Tip Sheet handy resource. You can quickly print it out on a single sheet of paper. You can then post it somewhere that you'll see it often. If you didn't download it you can still can.

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Your eyes and ears are the main doorways into your subconscious. Don't blindly allow anything to enter into them.

Don't sit through TV commercials.

Avoid reading hack novels.

Don't let any DJ on the radio decide what music you listen to.

And, likewise, be vigilant about what comes out of your mouth. What expressions do you use?

How do you react to negative situations? Do you curse and sigh? Or do you take a deep breath, smile and say something that helps the situation?

Guard everything that enters and leaves your mind.

Unfortunately, some of the most cunning negative thoughts enter and leave your mind all the time. They disguise themselves as friendly thoughts. Or at least "harmless thoughts." You think they are helping you. In truth, they are secretly plotting your fall.

Isn't that always the way? Brutus led 40 Roman senators in the assassination of Julius Caesar. Likewise, some of our closest and most trusted subconscious patterns may be out to ruin us.

Even more difficult is dealing with all the traitorous subconscious thinking that has already found a seat in our subconscious senate. How many endless repetitions of Chef Boyardee commercials did you see in the first 12 years of your life? Or were you subject to a verbally abusive parent or sibling?

The point is, self-sabotaging thoughts have already compromised your mental guard. Assassins to your happiness and success already live inside your head.

That's why in my Liberate Your Life program I help your examine your inner most thoughts and memories. I help you sort out which ones are your true friends and allies...

And which ones are stabbing you in the back.

Fill your Mental Senate with the right subconscious patterns and you will become Emperor of your own life. Check out Liberate Your Life if you haven't already:

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Your Partner In  Subconscious Transformation,
Chris Cade
Liberate Your Life

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