As I move forward, I grow wiser

As I move forward, I grow wiser from
I move forward because standing still is the only guaranteed way to fail. Moving forward, whether I walk through victories or defeats, is the only way I will learn and grow.
Every step I take brings me one step closer to my goals. While on the journey to my dreams, I gather wisdom from my experiences, which helps me make better decisions in the future. In doing so, I am setting myself up for a life with no regrets.
I am eager to learn new lessons around me every day. I am mature enough to learn from the situations of others even before I face those situations myself. When I experience a shortcoming, I remind myself that mistakes are simply lessons in disguise.
When I experience a personal victory, I take note of successful strategies that I can use in the future. If I ever encounter failure, I reflect on my actions in order to perform better the next time.
I open myself up to new challenges with confidence allowing life to be my classroom. Each day I embrace life with the expectation that I will receive knowledge from the most unexpected places.
I dare to venture into every day, even when I am surrounded by uncertainty, because being a risk taker pays off with new knowledge that I never would have acquired otherwise.
Today, I choose to walk forth into my destiny with wisdom and direction. I embrace the opportunity to learn from the many sources of knowledge that engulf me. My knowledge increases as I fearlessly accept the lessons I am being taught by life itself.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. What lessons has life taught me recently?
2. What unexpected knowledge can I find today?
3. How can I share my wisdom with others?

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