Need some Zest in your life? Here are a few tips

Avoid doom and gloom.
This tip may take a little longer to show results, but it is well worth the effort!  Beginning today, start reducing the amount of time you are exposed to negativity.  Whether that means not watching the evening news for awhile or avoiding toxic people in your life, it’s important to begin switching your focus to more positive input.  If you have to scan the headlines at a news website once a day and read only the things you feel you must know about, that’s fine.  Just avoid getting immersed in the sludge every day if you can.  Over time, this will automatically make you feel more motivated because you won’t be so weighed down by the horrible things happening in the world around you.  You can’t do much about them anyway, so why burden yourself with them?

Do a good deed.
Avoiding doom and gloom is a good start, but you can make even greater strides if you do nice things for others as frequently as possible.  Make financial donations to charitable organizations, or volunteer some time for a worthy cause.  Even better is if you can do these things anonymously.  There is no greater feeling than doing something kind without a single possibility of compensation or recognition.  Talk about an emotional and mental high!  Just one of these acts can make you feel more motivated than you’ve felt in a long time, but if you keep doing them on a regular basis the benefits begin to accumulate and you intensify the feelings even more.

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