The 3DAstronomer for the whole family This Kicks Butt!!

As children, we dream of someday exploring the great 
unknown: the vast universe beyond our earth's atmosphere. 
Unless you are an astronaut of can shell out 
100,000 dollars to catch a ride into space, chances 
are the closest you will ever get to the stars 
is your own back yard on a clear night. 
Until now.

We are excited to introduce our first-of-its-kind space 
Now you can explore the wonders of the universe- 
and you can do it safely in the comfort of your own 

3DAstronomer is like Google Earth, but for the entire 
solar system and beyond. 
We have taken data gathered by the European 
Space Agency,including imagery, telemetry, and 
positional data for planet,
asteroids and stars, and mapped it in 3D.
The program is easy to use, with basic 
settings a child can manipulate. 
The program is suitable for educational purposes, 
for space enthusiasts, 
and professional astronomers or astrophysicists. 
Get up close and personal with the red sands of Mars, 
the moons of Jupiter, 
the rings of Saturn, or the blazing surface of the sun. 
Visit the searing surface of Venus and view it in a 
panoramic 360 degree vista.  

There has never been a space simulator program like  
It can take you anywhere in space you want to go, and 
show you the wonder,
beauty and the vastness of our galaxy and beyond.

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