Four Manifestation Tips to Attract Abundance By Valerie Dawson

Four Manifestation Tips to Attract Abundance

By Valerie Dawson, Founder of The Dawson Method

Manifesting your goals and dreams can seem confusing, but it becomes much easier when you adopt the right mindset. Below are four quick tips to boost your success with manifestation:

Let it Be Easy

It is easy to get caught up in the perception that improving our lives is a daunting task until we remember that there is a very clear progression of smaller changes that inevitably lead us in the direction we want to go. However, just the simple act of choosing better thoughts can trigger a landslide of positive change. Applying this concept to our financial condition is no different. Think thoughts of abundance and ease rather than struggle and lack; believe abundance is already ours; expect more abundance to keep showing up; feel more abundant as a result; take action to bring more abundance into our lives - and abundance is magnetically drawn to us.

Prepare as Much as You Can

We tend to think of chance as being completely random but we forget that preparation will usually attract more opportunities than we would receive by simply waiting for something to happen. How can we prepare our minds for success and wealth? By believing we deserve to be successful and wealthy; by making room in our lives for the better circumstances we seek; and by clearing our environment (both mental and physical) of negativity. In other words, we need to align ourselves on all levels with wealth and success long before it arrives on our doorstep.

Failure is Not an Option

One of the great secrets of success is the knowledge that investing a lot of time and energy into our goals makes us less likely to give up on them. When it comes to your financial goals, consider how much time and energy you have poured into creating a better life for yourself and your family. Have you done everything you could do up to this point in time? Could you be more focused or committed to your goals? Do you need to take your efforts to the next level? Whatever you have done so far, multiply your efforts times ten - and make the prospect of quitting extremely uncomfortable.

Your Opinion is the Only One That Counts

Do you ever avoid taking action on something because you are afraid of what other people would think about it (or what they would think about you for doing it)? Most often these fears are based on prior experiences when you may have been ridiculed, scolded, or rejected for something you did long ago. A good way to overcome these limiting thoughts is to remember that other people will usually see you as a reflection of the way you see yourself. Believing in yourself and feeling confident about the things you do will often trigger like responses from others - and the opinions of those who feel differently are literally "none of your business". All that matters is how you feel about yourself.

Valerie Dawson is the founder of The Dawson Method, the fastest, easiest, most natural way to make your dreams come true. To program your mind to attract abundance now and unlock your own power to attract money into your life, visit

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