The Secret Passage To Your Subconscious Mind

The secret passage to your subconscious mind

Conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind power. Confused? Not after you've read this article!
In case this is your first time hearing the term, alpha brain waves is one of the four categories of the brain frequencies. When your brain vibrates at 7-14 Hz, you are said to be in Alpha.
Alpha brain wave is the most mysterious brain wave that has aroused the interest of many researchers in the recent decades. You will find out why soon.
Have you ever experience a light bulb moment when you are bathing? Or suddenly have a solution to a problem just before you sleep?
If you observe carefully, you will realize that creative ideas always come to you when you are relax, which is the time when you are in alpha.
When you are in alpha brain waves, you are relaxed and calm; your creative juice flow faster; you can recall things better, such as where you left your keys; you can learn things faster; you absorb information faster. More importantly, the best time to reprogram your subconscious mind is when you are in alpha.
Besides alpha brain waves, the other brain waves include beta, theta and delta. When you are in beta, you are conscious and alert. Too much beta frequency can make you feel stress and breathless. When you are in theta, you are in a twilight state. You are not conscious. When you dream in your sleep, you are in theta. When you are in delta, you are sleeping. You are not aware of what’s happening because you are in an unconscious state of mind.
Everyday, your brain state moves from delta (sleeping) to beta (alert) and then from beta back to delta. In between, you will experience alpha and theta.
The simplified relationship between your brain waves and your state of consciousness can be summarized in the figure below:
alpha brain waves
Whenever I draw this relationship, people always ask "Kenneth, how about alpha brain waves?"
Alpha is the bridge between your conscious and your subconscious mind.
Imagine your mind is like a house when two rooms, separated by a door.
alpha brain waves
When you are in beta, you are in the conscious room. The door is closed, so you have no access to the subconscious room.
When you are in theta, you are in the subconscious room. The door is closed, so you have no access to the conscious room. That's why most people can't remember exactly what they dream about.
But when you are in alpha, you are like standing at the door, with the door open. You are conscious, yet you have access to your subconscious. It is the best time to reprogram your subconscious mind. That's also the reason why you always have your light bulb moment when you are in alpha brain waves.
To prove this point is very simple. Everyday you dream. When you wake up, you often can't remember what you dream. But the moment you just wake up, i.e. when you are in alpha, you can still remember what you dream, but just for that short moment. The moment you are fully awake, you miss your dream again because you are already in the beta room.
If you read any self improvement book, you will learn that the best time to do your affirmation or visualization (techniques used to reprogram your subconscious mind) is before your sleep and after you wake up. By now, you should know that that's because these are times when you are in alpha.
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