The Power of Thought, Thought Vibrations and Words

The Power of Thought, Thought Vibrations and Words
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Category: Religion and Philosophy by Timothy Kendrick

A mental attitude snowballs whether it is a positive or negative.

Your mental vibrations bring happiness, joy, laughter, or prosperity to you.

Or they can bring sadness, suffering, unhappiness, and poverty.

Your mind such as your body becomes the environment of that which it dwells.

Is your mind a prison or a palace?

Are you bound by conscious or unconscious information that you have accepted as true.

If you are not getting the results you want change your approach by challenging your beliefs.

Choose beliefs that give you aliveness and growth.

What holds the structure of your prison or palace together?

What creates the behavior patterns and principles you live by?

Most of these unspoken messages were planted in your subconscious at an early age by parents and people that were doing the best they could do.

Forgive them and live this day for yourself and your fellow man.

There is peace in forgiveness.

When you cleanse your soul with forgiveness you will automatically vibrate positive energy to the universe.

By doing this more so than not, life will flow in an easy and relaxed manner.


The words you use create the life you choose.

Why do you think the "Good Book" says "in the beginning there was the word"?

Positive Thoughts = Positive Words

Positive Words= Positive Action

Positive Action= Positive and Powerful Results.

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