Hit by an angel or maybe not

Excerpt from soon to be released "Wide Asleep" Tate publishing 2008

Have you ever wondered why you are here on this planet? Sounds like a simple enough question almost foolish. Everyday in someway angels bring us messages.

You might be thinking I just left Starbucks with my Venti Latte and I did not see or feel any angels hovering about.
Look back and think did you put a tip in the tip jar? Giving is living. For me the more I give the more I get to keep.

How about when someone cuts you off in traffic? Do you feel violated and angry? How could they do that to me? Or do you just let it go and realize that this person driving that vehicle is like many in our world just rushing, rushing, and rushing to where? The grave of course.

Be grateful that the driver did not hit you and you had the mental faculties and maybe a guardian angel to adapt to the situation and maintain control of your vehicle.

Negative co-workers are angels also. They can knock you flat on your butt if you let them. What can I learn from their actions? How can I heal or help them without them knowing.

Negative co-workers are like angry customers if you run a business.

They are gifts from the angels.

Or a better way to say it is these can be tools to improve yourself, your business, or your performance.

What we learn from them may enhance our own lives.
How I see people is how I treat them and how I treat them is how they become.
As far as Starbucks, I personally have never had a negative experience with them। Maybe that is because I NEVER EXPECTED TO.

The last time I left Iraq in 2004 it was all I could do to keep from getting locked up or as they say in L.A. 5150 which means your nuts. On the flight out of Kuwait the attendants knew I was a bit stressed and I was talking to one of them and she took me in the back of the aircraft where they all where staying. They nurtured me and never left me alone. Maybe they were afraid, I doubt it, and I think they saw a wounded soul hurting like I had never hurt before. Yes I should’ve been evacuated to Landstuhl in Germany but I disliked hospitals because they always want to keep me for further evaluation.

Besides I was a civilian now and I don’t even know how I got on that flight to the U.S. but I did and I resigned as soon as I got home. So no psych ward for me.

What did I learn?

There are angels everywhere.

We can be angels if we choose to.

Life is a gift, a great blessing.

There are many stories I could tell about getting hit by angels from Africa,

Germany and even my own house.

Have I seen real angels? Yes.

I mean really felt the presence of and seen real angels? Yes.

Did I think I was out of my mind? Yes.

Do you believe in angels?

I have found that I like to have faith in angels.

It feels better than no faith at all.

Look for your angels.

What about the Faith of a mustard seed?

The seed does not doubt it just grows. And so do we.

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NiƱa said...

Yes, I agree. Angels lurk in every nook and corner of the world.

I also believe that each one of us can be an angel if we want to. Maybe someone is waiting for his "angel" to save him from misery...and we could that be. :)

Great post you have here.

Oh, I have a tag for you in my site. Have a great day...:)

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