We do the best at that which we enjoy the most

by Timothy Kendrick

Follow your bliss is an old saying that goes a long way। By following what you enjoy, love and have a passion for you will undoubtedly help someone else with what they want।
There is no greater gift to give than to touch someone’s soul with helping them get what they want out of this lifetime। It may just be a smile, a handwritten card or something that they feel will give them significance in their life।
If you enjoy writing, write. If you enjoy painting, paint. If you want to play a musical instrument or sing, do it. Tony Robbins says “When is now a good time to start”.
Whatever brings you happiness and alleviates pain or want from others will bring you abundance and riches beyond what you could ever imagine.
I will say it again Living is Giving.
Take a moment right now and write down 3 things that you think will make you happy.
It is not the 3 things themselves that make you happy it is the emotions and feelings that these 3 things bring you that will make you happy
There is enough in this world to go around. Whatever you want you can have. Why you ask? Because we all want different things. You may want a new Mercedes. Your neighbor may want a $50,000. I may want a log cabin in the woods.
The secret is to plant into your subconscious mind by visual, auditory, or kinesthetic (touch) daily these things you desire. Put these things (pictures etc) in places you will always see them. Allow your subconscious to go to work for you. Your subconscious will tell you what actions you must take in order to achieve this major definite aim. It will give you an intuitive thought that you must act upon it immediately.
Sounds a bit crazy I know. So is doing the same thing over and over wishing for a different result.

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